About Psyflex Interactions

Psyflex is an Independent Game Development Studio. Founded October 2014, based on Athens, Greece.

Regardless of our recent entrance in the indie scene, we collectively possess more than two decades of industry experience.

We are

  • George Dionysopoulos (Artist)
  • Michael Georgoulopoulos (Programmer)

Our mission

We feel privileged to have grown up during the first explosion of game genres and console generations. There was a time when experiencing a new type of game was the norm.

Today we feel that the game industry orbits around a small set of well known concepts and game mechanics that are “proven to work”, as if the subject of interactive entertainment has been fully studied and understood.

We strongly believe that is not the case. There is a plethora of awesome worlds out there on the other side of the screen, just waiting to be explored. Our mission is to discover them and get you there.

A tough but compelling journey. We hope you enjoy the ride!